School Council

I have been on the Bradbury School Council since 2018 as a community representative. I step into the role of School Council Chair this year with great enthusiasm and a deep-rooted commitment.

As an educator, I am passionate about supporting Bradbury School’s dedication to promote innovative teaching methodologies that cater to diverse learning styles and unleash the potential within each student. Under Principal Kate Gower’s guidance, the school has continued to pursue a quality primary education through creating an environment that fosters holistic development, nurturing individual strengths, and preparing students for a dynamic future.

The school council plays an important role in overseeing and guiding the development of Bradbury School. The council works closely with the principal to establish strategic direction for the school, review the curriculum, budgets and site development. As the Chair, I am committed to forging strong partnerships with teachers, parents, and the wider community to create a supportive network that empowers the school and all students.

Ms. Rohnii TSE, Chairperson, School Council

School Council

Rohnii Tse

Kate Gower

Charles Caldwell
(ESF Representative)

Jenny Lam
(P.T.A.  Parent Representative)

Karen Ho
(Parent Representative)

Tina Yuen
(Parent Representative)

Felix Lai
(Community Representative)

Jason Lau
(Community Representative)

Melanie Broomfield
(Teaching Staff Representative)

Dani Jakeway
(Teaching Staff Representative)

Katie Phillips
(Teaching Staff Representative)

Jonathan Chong
(Support Staff Representative)