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I have been with the ESF for almost ten years. I first joined the Clear Water Bay School as a community representative before being appointed the School Council Chair in the second last year of my second term. One of the duties of School Council Chair is to attend the ESF Committee of School Council Chairs meetings where I was elected among the Chairs to sit in the ESF Board of Governors. All these serve to broaden my horizon on different hierarchies of the education field. Therefore, after completing my second term in early 2019, I sought and was arranged to join the Bradbury School as the School Council Chair. It is my privilege to serve in a different environment. My tenure saw the retirement of the seasoned Principal Mrs Sandra Webster, and the selection of the ambitious Mrs. Kate Gower as her successor.

Apart from knowledge of the Bradbury School and how it works, as the Chair I must be familiar with the relevant policies and procedures of the School and ESF. My duties include, amongst others, ensuring council committees are undertaking their functions, and decisions taken by the council are actioned.

You may be aware that the purpose of the School Council is to help the School provide the best possible education for its students. All School Councillors are expected to contribute to the development of the School; its strategic framework; developing its policies and determining the character and ethos of the School. They are ‘critical friends’ to the School; critical in the sense of the School Council’s responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the School’s effectiveness, asking challenging questions and pressing for improvement, and a friend because the School Council existing to promote the interests of the School and its students. Being a “critical friend” includes offering support, constructive advice, being a sounding board for ideas, offering a second opinion on proposals and help where needed. As the Chair, I am very pleased to remark that the School Council has established great rapport with the School.

Mr. Gregory LO, Chairperson, School Council 

School Council

Gregory Lo

Kate Gower

Charles Caldwell
(ESF Representative)

Biraj Raman
(P.T.A.  Parent Representative)

Bhavana Campli
(Parent Representative)

(Parent Representative)

Travis Huggins
(Community Representative)

Rohnii Tse
(Community Representative ) 

Katy Wong
(Community Representative)

Melanie Broomfield
(Teaching Staff Representative)

Dani Jakeway
(Teaching Staff Representative)

Katie Phillips
(Teaching Staff Representative)

Jonathan Chong
(Support Staff Representative)