PTA Information

Aims and Objectives

·         To foster and promote close cooperation and contact between parents and teachers.

·         To provide a transport service to take students to and from the school, daily.

·         To provide, staff and manage the school shop to supply uniforms.

·         To conduct activities to raise funds and receive donations that can be used for the benefit of          Bradbury students.

·         To provide opportunities for PTA members to meet informally.

·         To provide manpower assistance to the school for the benefit of the students.

The Association does not attempt to interfere with the functions of the Principal in the management of the school.


How does the PTA help in Bradbury School?

·          New playgrounds and equipment

·         Sports coaches

·         Books and equipment for Learning Centre

·         Year 6 Graduation Day Party

·         School camp

·         Occasional teacher support