Get Involved in the PTA

Get Involved in the PTA

We are always looking for committed parents who would like to get involved, whether that is being part of the committee, organizing an event or just helping on the day.

Volunteer: We can never have enough volunteers – every small helping hand goes a long way! Just an
hour helping by wrapping lucky dip prizes, folding raffle tickets, making a poster…it is all equally
valuable and very much appreciated.

Be A Class Parent:  The role of a class parent is to provide support to parents in their class such as
sharing reminders for important school events and deadlines, addressing queries and offering
guidance. They play a very important role in supporting the Bradbury PTA by coordinating with parent
volunteers for all PTA events and school activities.

Support School Activities: Participate in the activities sponsored by the school and PTA. Your
presence and participation will show your child that you care.

Join the PTA: Find ways you can enrich the learning environment at school by contributing your knowledge and skills and providing services and support to students and teachers. We hope to see more parents actively involved in our committee.

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If you have any suggestions or wish to volunteer your time or join the committee, please do get in touch with our PTA administrator during PTA office hours (9:00am – 1:00pm) or email us at We would love to hear from you!