Learning Diversity

The Learning Diversity Team

‘Supporting diverse learning needs and well being’

What is Learning Diversity?

Learning Diverse Needs is a term used to acknowledge or represent diagnostic criteria or a learning challenge a child may experience. Diagnostic criteria can include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, Global Delay to name a few and some students may face challenges with Reading, Writing, Maths, SEL (Social and Emotional Literacy). 

What does the Learning Diversity Team do?

The role of teachers and the Learning Diversity Team is to support students, remove barriers to learning (including adaptations to learning environments) and refine teaching strategies and scaffolds to maximise learning engagement for all students.

What does support for students with Learning Diverse Needs look like? 

At Bradbury School we recognise that many of our students, from time to time, may need a little more support or encouragement to be successful with their learning. We are a team that supports the whole child and also the family. We support the development of academics, physical development, social development, communication and wellbeing.

The Learning Diversity Team is currently made up of 5 Specialist Teachers and 7 Educational Assistants. We also collaborate with a Speech Therapist who has worked with Bradbury Students for a number of years and an Occupational Therapist who is new to our team.  We work across the whole of Bradbury School supporting all of the students and the teachers. 

The Learning Diversity Teachers and Educational Assistants work with students in all classrooms, in breakout spaces, outside, in ‘The Nest’ or the  ‘Tree House’.

‘The Nest’ is a space where any student can visit, play or come to complete work as it has become an inclusive area for all Bradbury Pupils.

Almost daily, alongside working in classrooms we host Lunchclub, a Fine Motor Skills Group, a Social Play group, a Structured Play group, a Social Thinking development group, Emotional Literacy Support. On a daily basis, ‘The Nest’ and the ‘Treehouse’ are used as an additional breakout learning space for flexible groupings. Twice a week some of our students take part in Speech Therapy and  Occupational Therapy  in ‘The Treehouse’.

On a weekly basis we support students through activities such as Horse Riding, Mindful Gardening and Greening and finally Play Therapy. The Learning Diversity Team also organises Sensory Circuits in the gym so students can come to school and take part in physical activity to ensure their bodies tune into their optimum learning zone! 

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact: 

Dani Jakeway, The Leader of the Learning Diversity Team.