29 Jun 2018


Greetings to the Bradbury School Community

Well done to everyone on a fantastic school year!  It has been full of great learning, challenge, thinking and fun.  We have successfully become reauthorised as an IB World School and reaccredited as a CIS School.  Our action events, our emphasis on inclusion and on curriculum focus on STEAM have ensured that we have moved forward in line with the current educational thinking.  Of course, along with the joy of celebrating a great year comes farewells to some of the people who have helped make us who and what we are.

Today, we farewell:

  • Toby Daniel – Returning to Australia
  • Tom Flaherty – Returning to England
  • Montserrat Salazar – Won a teaching position
  • Pennie Zhang – Fulltime study to gain teacher qualifications
  • Rosie Hopewell-Fong – Won a fulltime teaching position
  • Matthew Wright – Won a fulltime teaching position
  • Catherine Yu – Won an EA position closer to home
  • Simon Trinh – Moving to England to complete teaching qualification
  • Murjana Marafa – Fulltime study
  • Phyllix Wan – Relocating to Boston
  • Crystal Chan – Won a new position
  • Christopher Chan – Taking up volunteer work
  • Andy Chow – Ending temporary contract
  • Jenny Tseng – Taking up a new position
  • Awra Zakir – Becoming fulltime mum
  • Craig Max Walker – Taking up other position
  • Anika Barry – Extended maternity leave
  • Lynette Pang – Extended study leave

Farewell too, to those families who are moving on to other places.  Thank you all for your support and contributions also.Also farewell to our wonderful Year 6 students and their families, some who have been with us for many years.

My very best to each one of you.  To those returning, I look forward to walking alongside you again next year.  My best for a refreshing and relaxing summer break.


Sandra Webster

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Preparing for learning over Summer

Important Dates
13 August 2018 (Monday) First Day of School Term 2018-2019
(All Years 2 – 6 )
8:30 a.m.
13 August 2018 (Monday) First Day for Year 1 (Group A) 9:00 a.m.
14 August 2018 (Tuesday) First Day for Year 1 Only (Group B) 9:00 a.m.

STEAM Assembly & Whole School Assembly

Bradbury School Annual Reports 2017-18
By Sandra Webster, Principal

On Monday 25th June 2018 you will be able to access, print and save (as a PDF document), your child’s Annual School Report from Gateway.

You can access your child’s report by following the instructions below:

  • Log into Gateway using your parent login details. (If you can’t remember either your User ID or Password for Gateway select “forgot password or login name” on Gateway login page.)
  • Once in Gateway, click on the photo of your child then select:
    • ARR Report
    • PDF Report (from the tabs)
    • Generate Report

A PDF file of your child’s Annual School report should now download onto your computer. You can save this file as a PDF document and print it out.

If you cannot see the report then you may need to update your PDF reader (e.g. Adobe) to the latest version or enable Chinese Characters on your PDF reader.

You can access your child’s online report, which has more detailed language and maths objectives, by selecting:

  • ARR Report
  • Online Report (from the tabs)

Teachers will be available next week to discuss your child’s report if you feel that it is necessary. Please contact the teacher directly should you wish to arrange a meeting.

Year 6 Parent Access to Bradbury School Gateway
By John Ainsworth, Vice Principal

Parents of our current Year 6 students, please note that you will be able to access data relating to Year 6 students on your Bradbury School Gateway account until 01 August 2018.

Following that date all students will be migrated up to the next year level and therefore you will not be able to access the data for current Year 6 students on Bradbury School Gateway after 01 August 2018.  Please ensure  that you download any reports that you require before that date.

Donation Gratefully Received by Bethune House
By Steve Fennelly, Vice Principal

Dear Bradbury School community,

Thank you once again for the generous donations that you have sent in for Bethune House. The student council met with four ladies from Bethune House this Wednesday to present the cheque. Please see the photos below…


Bradbury School is very proud of the achievements that we have made in greening and creating attractive spaces for members of our learning community. To continue to sustain our current practice we are seeking help from the Parent Community .

Part-time Gardener

We are currently looking for a part-time Gardener to maintain our spaces.  The role will include:

– caring for the lush green walls that we have around the school;

– watering potted plants along the corridors;

– replacing plants as needed;

– pruning and maintaining the Lower Playground Garden.

This is a paid position and the successful applicant would need to be available for 10 hours per week.  If you are interested in this position, please contact Alan Tang, alan.tang@bradbury.edu.hk.

Parent Volunteer/s

The students at Bradbury School are becoming very keen gardeners.  To help support the development of sustainable gardening practices across the school we are looking for parents who would be available across lunchtime periods to work with small groups of students. Students may be involved in activities such as weeding, watering, pruning and propagating new plants.  This is a voluntary position and the interested person/s would need to be available for one hour per week.   Please contact Amanda Bremner for further information, amanda.bremner@bradbury.edu.hk.

Library News
By Jane Thompson, Librarian Teacher & Connie Leung, Library Assistant


HK Battle of the Books is a live school-on-school battle to find the book trivia champion school.  The competition is open to international primary and international secondary schools, as well as local primary and secondary schools through a special modified section.

The Battle of the Books programme was introduced to Hong Kong international schools in 1999. Since this time, it has grown significantly. Battle of the Books is designed to introduce Year 5 & 6 students to a variety of reading material, build teamwork skills, and ensure that reading is fun.

Last year boasted the largest field yet, with a total of 104 teams registered for the 2016-17 competition.

Battle of the Books HK has now released the list of 20 books for the primary section for next academic year and we have copies in the library or visit their website. The books are always carefully chosen and make a great collection of recommended books for children to read.  There will be a lunchtime Battle of the Books Club commencing in Term 1 2018.



Find below a website that deals with reading from tots to teens. It has great book recommendations as well as discussing parental concerns around reading . A great resource.


P.T.A. News
By Julia  Dunn,  PTA Chairperson, Catherine Hufton, Vice Chairman & Lin Gong, Bradbury School PTA Limited

I cannot believe how fast this school year has flown by and that this will be my final newsletter as your PTA chair!

On behalf of the PTA, I would like to thank all of you for your support over the last year. It would be impossible to hold events such as the Winter Night Market, sausage sizzles and cake sales or the school discos without your help. Whether you have been a class parent, volunteered your time, baked cakes or donated money, every bit helps and we appreciate it all!

This year we have raised over $400,000!!This is all donated to the school to support a wide variety of programs including artist in residence, the library, and the year 6 leaving celebration. This year we also donated $170,000 to resurface the blue playground and $23,000 to the PE department for the very smart teacher PE kit.

We are always keen to hear ideas about possible plans for the future so let us know if you have an idea for our next project!!

I want to say a special thank you to the PTA committee who have been so committed and supportive this year and who have all worked so hard for the benefit of all Bradbury students. A special mention and thanks goes to Marilu Logudic who organized our most successful Winter Night Market to date. It is a huge job and Marilu and her team worked tirelessly to make sure it was fantastic. Well done!

Sadly we have to say goodbye to six of our committee members:

Marilu Logudic, Malina Kirpalani, Ken Dubinski, Silke Parkes, Alice Li-Papworth and Vincci Lo. Thank you for your commitment and hard work over the many years that you have been on the Committee; you will all be greatly missed.

I am also stepping down from the committee and so I have the great pleasure to announce that Catherine Hufton will be taking over the role of Chairperson for the 2018/19 academic year. I know that the committee is in great hands and I look forward to supporting everything they have planned in the coming years.

Please consider joining the PTA committee or becoming a class parent next year. It is a great way to get more involved in the school community and help to strengthen the link between school and home!

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Julia Perry
PTA Chairperson
Website: https://www.bradbury.edu.hk/pta-2/


For the convenience of parents, we have made special arrangements for the shop opening hours at the beginning of the new school year. We encourage the parents to purchase the uniforms and stationery early as it will be very crowded in the shop at the beginning of the new term. The PTA shop will be closed during summer holiday.

Open Date:      August 7, 8, 9, 10

Open from 10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

Our shop will open regularly Monday through Friday from 8:30a.m. to 11:30a.m. 13 August onwards.


Please be reminded that if you haven’t paid PTA membership fee, please fill attached application form and pay $700. You will get a school calendar at beginning of the school year.  Application form can be downloaded here.

* Mini-bus revised on 22nd Jun, 2018
Stop Time Route – AM Route – PM Time
Bus   AM PM
1 A 7:28 Pacific View, 38 Tai Tam Rd. Opp. Pacific View, 38 Tai Tam Rd. 15:27
B 7:31 The Manhattan, 33 Tai Tam Rd. The Manhattan, 33 Tai Tam Rd. 15:25
C 7:38 Bus Stop, # Lung Tak Court, 32 Cape Rd. Bus stop, opp. 14, 32 Cape Rd, Lung Tak Court 15:17
D 7:41 Casa Del Sol & Roundabout, 33 Ching Sau Lane Casa Del Sol & Roundabout, 33 Ching Sau Lane 15:15
E 7:42 Junction of Chung Hum Kok Rd./Horizon Drive Junction of Chung Hum Kok Rd./Horizon Drive 15:13
F 7:50 Club House, The Repulse Bay, 109 Repulse Bay Rd. Club House, The Repulse Bay,109 Repulse Bay Rd 15:08
G 7:55 Playground, Repulse Bay Apts, 101 Repulse Bay Rd. Playground, Repulse Bay Apts,101 Repulse Bay Rd. 15:05
H 7:58 Opp. Repulse Bay Garden Bus stop, Repulse Bay Garden 15:03
I 8:00 Opp. 45, 41, 37, 11 Repulse Bay Rd. 11, 37, 41, 45 Repulse Bay Rd. 14:59
J 8:05 8 Wang Nai Chung Gap Road Opp. 8 Wang Nai Chung Gap Road 14:56
2 A 7:30 Stanley Beach Rd/ Stanley Mound Rd. Stanley Beach Rd/ Stanley Mound Rd. 15:17
B 7:32 29, 39 Tung Tau Wan Rd. 29, 39 Tung Tau Wan Rd. 15:20
C 7:35 Bus Stop, Stanley Prison, Tung Tau Wan Rd. Bus Stop, Stanley Prison, Tung Tau Wan Rd. 15:22
D 7:36 Stanley Police station, Stanley Village Rd. Stanley Police station, Stanley Village Rd. 15:20
E 7:37 Shell Station, Stanley Village Rd. Opp. Shell Station, Bus Stop, Stanley Village Rd. 15:25
F 7:38 18 Stanley Village Rd. Opp. 18 Stanley Village Rd. 15:26
G 7:40 Opp. 129,123,119,117 Repulse Bay Rd. 117, 119, 123, 129 Repulse Bay Rd. 15:08
H 7:45 HK Country Club, Island Road Opp. HK Country Club, Island Rd 15:00
I 7:48 Opp. 8, 12 Shouson Hill Road 8, 12 Shouson Hill Road 14:59
J 7:50 Junction of Deepwater Bay Rd./Deepwater Bay Dr. Opp. Junction of Deepwater Bay Rd./Deepwater Bay Dr. 15:00
K 7:53 16 Shouson Hill Rd. Shouson Hill Road East/Shouson Hill Rd Junct 15:01
L 7:55 Unicorn Garden, 11 Shouson Hill Rd. East Opp. Unicorn Garden, 11 Shouson Hill Rd. East 15:02
3 A 7:38 Belgravia, 57 South Bay Rd. Belgravia, 57 South Bay Rd. 15:20
B 7:38 South Bay Towers, 59 South Bay Rd. South Bay Towers, 59 South Bay Rd. 15:21
C 7:38 Grand Garden, 61 South Bay Rd. Grand Garden, 61 South Bay Rd. 15:22
D 7:46 Post offices, Burnside, South Bay Rd. Opp. Post Office, Burnside, South Bay Rd. 15:17
E 7:55 HK Parkview Suites HK Parkview Suite 15:00
F 7:57 HK Parkview, Blk 7 HK Parkview, Blk 7 15:01
G 7:58 HK Parkview, Blk 12 HK Parkview, Blk 12 15:02
H 8:00 HK Parkview, Blk 15 HK Parkview, Blk 15 15:04
I ———————————————- HK Cricket Club, Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd. 14:55
* Mini-bus revised on 22nd Jun, 2018
Stop Time Route – AM Route – PM Time
Bus   AM PM
4 A 7:45 Club House, South Horizons Blk.30 Club House, South Horizons Blk. 30 15:15
B 7:47 Club House, South Horizons Blk.13A Club House, South Horizons Blk. 13A 15:17
C 7:52 Derrick Industrial Bldg, 49 Wong Chuk Hang Rd. Bus Stop, 50 Wong Chuk Hang Rd. 14:55
5 A 7:45 South Horizons Blk. 19 South Horizons Blk. 19 15:16
B 7:47 South Horizons Blk. 6 South Horizons Blk. 6 15:16
6 A 7:25 Taikooshing (HSBC) Taikooshing (HSBC) 15:35
B 7:45 General Post Office, Central General Post Office, Central 15:15
C 8:00 Sun Fair Mansion/Green Villa Garden, Shiu Fai Terrace Sun Fair Mansions/Green Villa Garden, Shiu Fai Terrace 15:00
D 8:01 Lingnan Primary School Lingnan Primary School 14:57
E 8:03 Opposite Bus Stop, Tung Shan Terrace Bus Stop, Tung Shan Terrace 14:56
7 A 7:35 Taxi Stand for Kowloon, Paterson Street Wellcome, Paterson Street 15:23
B 7:36 Bus Stop, Illumination Terrace Bus Stop, Fontana Garden 15:18
C 7:37 Bus Stop, 23 Tai Hang Road Opp. 23 Tai Hang Road 15:17
D 7:38 Bus stop, Wang Fung Terrace Opp. Wang Fung Terrace 15:16
E 7:40 Opp.Park Garden, Tai Hang Drive Park Garden, Tai Hang Drive 15:14
F 7:43 Bottom stair of Clementi Rd., Moorsom Rd Opp. Bottom stair of Clementi Rd., Moorsom Rd 15:10
G 7:47 Villa Rocha, Opp. 10 Broadwood Road Villa Rocha, 10 Broadwood Road 15:07
H 7:50 Leighton Hill, Link Rd. Leighton Hill, Link Rd. 14:59
I 7:51 2 Link Road 2 Link Road 15:00
J 7:58 No. 1 Bus Terminal, Green Lane/ Broom Rd. Amber Garden, Blue Pool Rd. / Broom Rd. 14:56
8 A 7:45 Opp. Hoking View, Tin Hau Temple Rd./Braemar Hill Rd. Hoking View, Tin Hau Temple Rd./Braemar Hill Rd. 15:23
B 7:47 Bus Stop, Opp. Kiangsu Chekiang College Kiangsu Chekiang College 15:22
C 7:49 46 Cloudview Road Market Place, Cloudview Road 15:20
D 7:52 Viking Villas at Tin Hau Temple Road Viking Villas at Tin Hau Temple Road 15:25
E 7:54 Flydragon Terrace, Tin Hau Temple Rd. Bus Stop, Flydragon Terrace, Tin Hau Temple Rd. 15:29
F 8:00 163 Wong Nai Chung Road, Sports Mansion ———————————————————-
G 8:01 Leighton Hill, Wong Nai Chung Road Opp. 3 Ventris Rd. (PM Only) 14:59
H 8:03 Ellipsis, 5-7 Blue Pool Road Opp. Ventris Road, Temple End 14:58
I 08:05 51 Blue Pool Rd Opp. 51 Blue Pool Rd 14:57
J ———————————————————- Victoria Swimming Pool bus stop, Hing Fat St 15:30
* Mini-bus revised on 22nd Jun, 2018
Stop Time Route – AM Route – PM Time
Bus   AM PM
9 A 7:55 HSBC, Sing Woo Rd. Post Office, Sing Woo Rd. 14:58
B 7:58 46 Village Rd. 46 Village Rd. 15:00
C 8:00 Yan On Terrace, 135 Blue Pool Rd. Bus Stop, Green Lane Court,Blue Pool Rd. 14:55
10 B 7:25 Lower Baguio Villas, Parkn’ Shop Lower Baguio Villas, Parkn’ Shop 15:18
C 7:28 Upper Baguio Villas, Victoria Rd. Carpark Upper Baguio Villas (mini bus stop at the top) 15:15
D 7:31 The Bel-Air ,On the peak The Bel-Air ,On the peak 15:10
E 7:37 Opp. Ocean Court Ocean Court 15:00
F 7:42 Larvotto, Main entrance Larvotto, Main entrance 14:48
G 7:48 South Horizons Blk. 2 South Horizons Blk. 2 14:53
11 A 6:40 Coach area,Tat Tung Rd. (next to Lautau bus terminus) Coach area,Tat Tung Road(next to Lautau bus terminus) 16:15
B 7:00 Chianti opp to escalator Chianti opp to escalator 15:35
C 7:05 15 Seabird Lane 15 Seabird Lane 15:40
D 7:08 Crestmont Villa Crestmont Villa 15:43
E 7:09 Twilight Court Twilight Court 15:44
F 7:12 Coastline Villa Coastline Villa 15:47
G 7:15 DB Fire Station DB Fire Station 15:50
H 7:19 Greenwood Court Greenwood Court 15:54
12 A 7:53 Central Pier 4, Lamma Central Pier 4, Lamma 15:03
B 7:55 Central Pier 6, Mui Wo Central Pier 6, Mui Wo 15:05


The English Schools Foundation recently finalised the following dates for the Academic Year 2018-2019.

Please find below the term dates for Academic Year 2018-2019.  We suggest that you keep this in a place where you can easily access it for your reference.  It would be most helpful if you would please avoid calling the office to reconfirm the term datesIf there are any changes to the schedule, we will inform you via the newsletter. This will also be posted on the website under Community > Academic Year Dates 2018-2019.



AUTUMN TERM BEGINS: 13 August 2018, Monday (8.30 a.m.)

ENDS: 14 December 2018, Friday (12.00 noon)

HALF-TERM HOLIDAYS: 15 October 2018 (Monday) – 19 October 2018 (Friday) Inclusive

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS: 14 December 2018, (Friday, 12 noon) – 04 January 2019 (Friday) Inclusive


24 September 2018 (Monday) CPD Day (TBC)

25 September 2018 (Tuesday) The Day after the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival

01 October 2018 ( Monday) National Day

17 October 2018 (Wednesday) Chung Yeung Festival

25 December 2018 (Tuesday) Christmas Day

26 December 2018 (Wednesday) The first weekday after Christmas Day

01 January 2019 (Tuesday) New Year’s Day



SPRING TERM BEGINS: 07 January 2019, Monday (8.30 a.m.)

ENDS: 12 April 2019, Friday (12.00 noon)

CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS: 04 February 2019 (Monday) – 08 February 2019 (Friday) Inclusive

EASTER BREAK HOLIDAYS: 15 April 2019 (Monday) – 26 April 2019 (Friday) Inclusive


18 January 2019 (Friday) CPD Day

05 February 2019 (Tuesday) Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day

06 February 2019 (Wednesday) Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year

07 February 2019 (Thursday) Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year

15 March 2019 (Friday) CPD Day

05 April 2019 (Friday) Ching Ming Festival

19 April 2019 (Friday) Good Friday

22 April 2019 (Monday) Easter Monday



SUMMER TERM BEGINS:     29 April 2019, Monday (8.30 a.m.)

ENDS: 28 June 2019, Friday (12.00 noon)


01 May 2019 (Wednesday) Labour Day

13 May 2019 (Monday) The Buddha’s Birthday

06 June 2019 (Thursday) CPD Day

07 June 2019 (Friday) Dragon Boat Festival

Third-Party Organised After School Activities

Dear Parents,

The following companies are currently hiring our facilities to provide extra curricular activities for students. You may browse the school website under “LIFE AT BRADBURY” for their programs and enroll your child directly to the company:

ESF Sports, contact 2711 1280 or sports@esf.org.hk
Website: www.esf.org.hk

Adventure Sports Academy Ltd. – Soccer & Basketball Training, contact Eilis Cheung at 3998 4042 or info@adventuresportsacademy.com
Website: www.adventuresportsacademy.com

Backershagen B.V. (LanguageOne) – Global Mother Tongue Education, contact Leandra Lok at  5501 5262 or
leandra.lok@languageone.nl Website: www.languageone.nl

Brilliant Learning International Ltd. (Sanskriti) – Sanskriti/Hindi Language Class, contact Geetanjali Dhar at 3563 4300 or info@sanskritiglobal.org  Website: www.sanskritiglobal.org

CentreStage Studios HK Ltd. –  Singing, Acting, Dancing – Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance, contact Imogen Taylor or Kaijah Bell at 5236 7960 or 2689 2272 or admin@centrestagestudioshk.com
Website:  www.centrestagestudioshk.com

Discovery Dome Hong Kong Ltd. – Astronomy Club with a Portable Mobile Planetarium, contact Lorne Ali at 9754 4081 or lorneali@hotmail.com
Website www.discoverydome.hk

Foundation Academy Ltd. – Foundation’s Filmmaker, contact Foundation Academy at 3107 8810 or
academy@foundationge.com  Website: http://www.foundationacademy.co/filmmaker/

HoYinPingChess – Chess Class, Holiday Camp, contact Yin Ping Ho at 9215 2682 or hoyinpingchess@gmail.com Website: www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/lesson.html / www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/camp.html

Hong Kong Star Basketball Training Centre Limited – Basketball, contact Yuki Lai at 9669 4280 or yukilai@hk-bbstc.com Website: www.hk-bbstc.org

Move For Life Ltd. – “Move” Dance Class, contact Rosie Martin at 5491 2473 or info@moveforlife.asia Website: www.moveforlife.asia

Starlit Voice Ltd. – LAMDA Musical Theatre & Group Drama, contact Vincent Warren at 2108 2182 or info@starlit.hk Website: www.starlitvoice.com

Swedish Cultural Society – Swedish Language and Culture, contact Linda at 9316-6599 or svenskaskolanhongkong@hotmail.com
Website: www.svenskaskolan.hk

N.B. Bradbury School is not responsible for the quality and safety of programmes offered by third parties. However, please note that all hirers are required to provide third party liability insurance. Parents are urged to take steps to ensure that they are satisfied with any and all aspects of the after school programme(s) they elect to opt in to.