30 Jun 2017

Bradbury Newsletter 29 June 2017

Greetings to our Bradbury Community

What a great year it has been.  I would like to thank you all for the support you have shown to our students and their learning.

We farewell the following staff and wish them well:

  • Clayton Heggie (Y5 Teacher) – Island School
  • Michelle Truman (Y2 Teacher) – International Christian School
  • Carrie Sun* (Y1 E.A.) – Supply Teaching
  • Leanne Oh* (Y2 E.A.) – Po Leung Kuk International School
  • Phyllis Cai* (Chinese E.A.) – Delia School of Canada
  • Tanya Bhambry (IN E.A.) – Special Needs E.A. at Sha Tin Collage
  • Vanessa Style (IN E.A.) – Moving to Shanghai
  • Stephanie Ng (IN E.A.) – Trinity College, London


* These three E.A.s have all qualified as teachers over their time at Bradbury and we wish them all the best as they pursue a teaching career.

Thank you to each one of you for your contributions to making Bradbury the wonderful school that it is.  We will miss you and wish you every happiness.

Next year, we welcome to our staff:

Mr. Steven Bemet

Mrs. Tracy Fleming

Mrs. Rebecca Ryder

To those families who are leaving our school, we all wish you well on your next chapter.  To returning families, we look forward to another year of learning and achievement at Bradbury School.  To all, safe travels and may this Summer be a time of wonderful memories and special moments.

Sandra Webster


Bob Brown

I received the sad news recently that Robert (Bob) L. Brown passed away recently after an extended illness.  Bob was the first Principal of Bradbury from 1975-1996.  As a community, we pass on our condolences and thoughts to his family.

Bob was a very special part of Bradbury and until a few years back, used to pop in and visit when he was in Hong Kong.  He will be remembered fondly by those who knew him.
Sandra Webster


Important Dates

Date Event Time
30 June 2017 (Friday) Last Day of Term 3 (This is an early dismissal) 12:00PM
30 June 2017 (Friday) PM – 11 August 2017 (Friday) – Inclusive School Summer Holidays (No Classes) ——–
08 August 2017 (Tuesday) –

11 August 2017 (Friday)

P.T.A. Shop Opens 10:00AM – 3:00PM
14 August 2017 (Monday) Classes fo Autumn Term Begins for Years 2-6 8:30AM – 2:40PM
14 August 2017 (Monday) Classes for Year 1 Group A Begins 9:00AM – 12:00PM
15 August 2017 (Tuesday) Classes for Year 1 Group B Begins 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Gateway Access

Parents of our current Year 6 students, please note that you will be able to access data relating to Year 6 students on your Bradbury School Gateway account until 01 August 2017.

Following that date all students will be migrated up to the next year level and therefore you will not be able to access the data for current Year 6 students on Bradbury School Gateway after 01 August 2017.  Please ensure that you download any reports that you require before that date.

John Ainsworth – Vice Principal

Island School Update


Island School Project – Parent Invitation

Dear Parents

Before the end of the school year, I would like to invite you to attend a parent information evening to discuss the Island School project, the decanting arrangements and transport plans for students.

The session will be held at the Island School Hall in the evening of 22 August 2017, starting from 6pm.  Please RSVP to mei.lau@online.island.edu.hk.

I look forward to seeing you on 22 August and hope that you will have a relaxing summer break.

Yours sincerely,

Belinda Greer
Chief Executive Officer

Good News!

Congratulations to Hailey Tang of 4T, who represented Bradbury School in the Joint School Music Competition 2017.

The competition was held by the Joint School Music Association (JSMA) and Hailey was awarded the Gold Standard in the Medium Level Harp Solo category.

As you may be aware, our very own Rose Hopewell-Fong will be representing Hong Kong in the Woman’s Rugby World Cup in Ireland in August.  What a great achievement and it is wonderful to have a player of her calibre on our PE staff.

Rose, congratulations, we all wish you the very best for some great games and lots of wins.  We will all be cheering you on and look forward to hearing your world cup stories on your return.

The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great support in The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show.  A total of 28 local and international schools took part in this competition.


There were 33 students from Bradbury School participating in the event. They were from both near native and mainstream classes. All the participants worked extremely hard practising for the competition. They have featured prominently in the awards. Adrian Ting has been awarded as one of the two Chinese Culture Ambassadors this year.  Ms. Angela Gou received the Excellent Teacher award for the high number of achieving students from her classes.


Class Name Competition Item Result
1N 凌樾然 Sophia Ling Ancient Poems Chanting Champion
Chanting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes Champion
Reading out pinyin The second runner up
1BZ 赵泓叡 Tina Zhao Modern Poems Chanting The first runner up
2T Chloe Keoshadi Poems Chanting or Singing Award of excellence
2T 汪炜仑 Weilun Wang Reading out pinyin Award of excellence
2G 王子昇 Tsz Sing Wong Chanting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes Award of excellence
2C 丁毅臻 Adrian Ting Story telling Champion
Reading out pinyin Champion
Chanting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes The first runner up
3C 卫纪恩 Clare Wai Ancient Poems Chanting The second runner up
Hard Pen Calligraphy The second runner up
3V 周子瑶 Eva Zhou Ancient Poems Chanting The second runner up
Story telling The second runner up
Story Writing Based on Pictures The second runner up
5C Isla Grieve Poems Chanting or Singing Champion
Reading out pinyin Award of excellence
4P 王钰雯 Vivian Wang Modern Poems Chanting The first runner up
Dictionary Use Award of excellence
5H Ancita Ma 马韵然 Reading out pinyin The second runner up
5B Sienna Montalvo Poems Chanting or Singing Award of excellence
6C 曹舒涵 Shuhan Cao Pinyin Input Champion
6C 李昕颖 Tiffany Lee Hard Pen Calligraphy The second runner up
Adrian Ting Cultural Ambassador
Angela Gou Excellent Teacher Award

The big thanks also go to our school orchestra. They are Natasha Chun (5B), Airiana Chan (5F), Amelia Chow (5F), Chloe Hao (5C), Ean Luke (6C), Charlotte Lee (6C) and Miriam Lo. Their performance was the highlight of the award ceremony.

All the students enjoyed this event. We are proud that the Chinese language is widely promoted in our community.

I wish you all a nice summer holiday.

Best wishes.

Jenny Chen – Head of Chinese

Action at Bradbury 2016/2017

Thanks again to all those families that have participated in various community action events this year. Next year, we will once again be holding regular events for our community to participate in and we hope that more families will be involved. These events are a great way to help others who are less fortunate through hands on feeding experience and allow our students to reflect on their personal situations. Our events are organised by Sunshine Action, a NGO that Bradbury has had a long term relationship with.


Please find below a list of dates for action events in the upcoming school year:

Feeding people in need Monday 18th September 6.15pm -7.30pm Nam Cheung

Feeding people in need Monday 30th October 6.15pm to 7.30pm Nam Cheong

Hike for Hunger Sunday 21st January Quarry Bay (Start point) 9.00am

Feeding people in need Monday 27th Feb 6.15pm – 7.30pm Nam Cheung


These events will be advertised through the school newsletter and interested families will be able to sign up via Ms. Fritzi in the school office.

Amanda Bremner – PYP Coordinator

Year 6 Action Agents

Congratulations to the Year 6 Action Agents who have gained their United World College (UWC) bronze level global citizenship badge.


Charlotte Blyth  Dayeon Lee  Emma Harvey  Matthew Yuen  Ben Spielmann  Leela Teffaine  Jay Jay Li   Vedika Misra   Riya Morais


UWC connects schools in the developed world with schools in post conflict regions. The students have been planning and taking action to enable around 20 students to receive an education in Khe Krom, which is situated in Northern Cambodia. . The pupils have been learning about daily life and received pictures of the UWC school which was built just last year. As part of the badge requirements the students presented their journey to the Year 5 students and will be educating the whole school in our last assembly for the year.


Well done Action Agents!


Amanda Bremner – PYP Coordinator

PTA News

I would like, on behalf of the PTA, to thank each of you for your support, participation and encouragement over the year. It would be impossible to hold events such as the Night Market, the School Discos, Sausage Sizzles or Cake Sales without your help. Whether you have volunteered, baked cakes or donated time or money, every bit helps and we appreciate it all!


Thanks to your hard work and generosity we have managed to raise over $300,000 this year! This is all donated straight back to the school and used to support a wide variety of programs including the artist in residence, the library and the Year 6 leavers celebration. This year we also donated $200,000 to replace the safety flooring in the blue playground.

We are always keen to hear ideas about possible projects for the future. The PTA has, in the past donated funds for a variety of things, such as Telly Tubby Land, the Spiderweb, new water fountains and the retractable seating in the hall. Please let us know if you have an idea for our next project!!


I want to say a special thank you to the PTA committee members and the class parents who have all worked so hard to make 2016/17 such a successful year. Please consider joining the PTA committee or becoming a class parent next year. It is a great way to get more involved in the school community and help to strengthen the link between school and home!


I hope that you all have a wonderful summer and we look forward to working with you next year!


Julia Perry

PTA Chairperson

Classes for 2017/18

New Classes








1 Aoife Ni-Chianain 1N 105 Kaesha Ramchandani
Anika Barry Zoe O’Reilly 1BZ 106 Phyllix Wan
Katie Townsend 1T 107 May Dy
*Anna Gardener 1G 108 Kalpana Kyawalic
Sheryn Cribb 1C IEC Joanne Tse
2 *Claudia Tarr 2T 205 Liz Worley
Tracy Fleming 2F 206 Catherine Yu
Rebecca Ryder 2R 207 Matthew Baker
Laura Gizzi Maria Lee 2G 208 Sarah Mends
3 Jill Shepherd Anna Prothero 3SP 305 Ruth Haslett
Jennifer Chan 3C 306 Arwa Zakir
Brigitte van der Vossen 3V 307 Montserrat Salazar
*Toby Daniel 3D 308 Peta Cook
4 Lorinda Thomas 4T 201 Champi Lo
Tom Flaherty Vivien Cheng 4F 202 PT EA
*Katie Phillips 4P 203 Agnes Wan
Chris Harris 4H 204 Sam Campbell
5 *Matthew Cook 5C 301  

Jessie Chan

Melanie Broomfield 5B 302
Steve Bemet Liezel Kemp / Simon Trinh 5S 303  

Susanna Hurtig

Carol Farrington 5F 304
6 Sigrid Balle 6B 401  

Soo Young Kim

*Steve Allan 6A 402
Zac Dickinson Liezel Kemp / Simon Trinh 6D 403  

Jamie Lai

Ian Casey 6C 404


Dates for next year

The English Schools Foundation recently finalised the following dates for the Academic Year 2017-2018.
 Please find below the term dates for Academic Year 2017-2018.  We suggest that you keep this in a place where you can easily access it for your reference.  It would be most helpful if you would please avoid calling the office to reconfirm the term dates.  If there are any changes to the schedule, we will inform you via the newsletter. This will also be posted on the website under Community, Academic Year Dates 2017-2018.


AUTUMN TERM BEGINS :  14 August 2017 , Monday (8.30 a.m.)
               ENDS :  15 December 2017, Friday  (12.00 noon)

HALF-TERM HOLIDAYS :  02 October 2017 (Monday)  –  06 October 2017 (Friday) Inclusive
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS :  15 December 2017, (Friday,12 noon) –  05 January 2018 (Friday) Inclusive


08 September 2017 (Friday) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) No Classes
02 October 2017 ( Monday) The day following the National Day
05 October 2017 (Thursday) The day flowing the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
20 October 2017 (Friday) C.P.D. Day
17 November 2017 (Friday) C.P.D. Day
25 December 2017 (Monday) Christmas Day
26 December 2017 (Tuesday) The first weekday after Christmas Day
01 January 2018 (Monday) New Year’s Day



SPRING TERM  BEGINS :    08 January 2018, Monday (8.30 a.m.)
                      ENDS                   :    29 March 2018,   Thursday (12.00 noon)

CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS:    16 February 2018  (Friday)  –  23 February 2018 (Friday) InclusiveEASTER BREAK  HOLIDAYS    :        29 March 2018 (Thursday,12 noon) –  13 April 2018 (Friday) Inclusive


16 February 2018 (Friday) Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day
19 February 2018 (Monday) Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year
30 March 2018 (Friday) Good Friday
02 April 2018 (Monday) Easter Monday
05 April 2018 (Thursday) Ching Ming Festival



SUMMER TERM BEGINS :     16 April 2018, Monday  (8.30 a.m.)
    ENDS :     29  June 2018, Friday  (12.00 noon)



30 April 2018 (Monday) C.P.D. Day
01 May 2018 (Tuesday) Labour Day
21 May 2018 (Monday) C.P.D. Day
22 May 2018 (Tuesday) The Birthday of the Buddha
18 June 2018 (Monday) Dragon Boat Festival

The following companies are currently hiring our facilities to provide extra curricular activities for students. You may browse the school website under “LIFE AT BRADBURY” for their programs and enrol your child directly to the company:


ESF Educational Services Ltd. – Language and Sports Programme, contact Candy Leung at 2760 3900 or cleung@esf.org.hk website: www.esf.org.hk


Adventure Sports Academy Ltd. – Soccer & Basketball Training, contact Eilis Cheung at 3998 4042 or info@adventuresportsacademy.com website: www.adventuresportsacademy.com


Backershagen B.V. (LanguageOne) – Global Mother Tongue Education, contact Leandra Lok at 5501 5262 or leandra.lok@languageone.nl website: www.languageone.nl


Banana Art Club – Art Class, contact Michelle Chan at 6020 5476 or bananaartclub@gmail.com website: www.bananaartclub.com


Bome Co. Ltd. – International Standard Ballroom, Latin Dance Class, contact Ms. May Li at 2891 0289 or bomedance@gmail.com website: www.bomedance.com.hk


Brilliant Learning International Ltd. (Sanskriti) – Sanskriti/Hindi Language Class, contact Geetanjali Dhar at 3563 4300 or info@sanskritiglobal.org website: www.sanskritiglobal.org


Discovery Dome Hong Kong Ltd. – Astronomy Club with a Portable Mobile Planetarium (Year 3-6 students), contact Lorne Ali at 9754 4081 or lorneali@hotmail.com, website www.discoverydome.hk


HoYinPingChess / Hong Kong Junior Chess Club – Chess Class, Holiday Camp, Tournament, contact Yin Ping Ho at 9215 2682 or hoyinpingchess@gmail.com website: www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/lesson.html /www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/camp.html or www.hkjuniorchess.org


Kate’s Kids – Kindermusik, Music & Movement Activity, contact Kate Leung at 9019 6793 or catherine@kindermusik.hk website: www.kateskids.com.hk


KennyMark Pty Ltd- Astro Trooper Space Workshop (Oct 2017), contact Kenny Tan at +61 405 841 446 or kenny@kmptyltd.com website: www.kmptyltd.com


Primary Matters – Writing Workshop, contact Marion McNally at 9465 4468 or primarymattershk@gmail.com website: www.primarymattershk.com