31 May 2019


Greetings to the Bradbury School Community

It has been a milestone day at Bradbury today.  As you can see from the photo, we had our 2019/20 Year 1 students visiting for an induction day, along with their parents.  At the same time, all of our Y6 students were visiting their 2019/20 secondary school.

I look forward to welcoming you all to our community gardening day next Wednesday 5th June.  All are welcome to attend!

Sandra Webster

By Amanda Bremner and Carol Farrington, Action Leaders

Thanks to all the generous food donations from various Bradbury families as well as money donations which were used to buy food for packing on our school Action Day. Sunshine Action director Sunny May was very impressed with our collective effort to organise around 3000 sets which included Honey, Cooking Oil, Healthy Drinks and Tinned food.

We received some money donations after all the food for the action day had been purchased. This small amount of money will be donated to Sunshine Action to support the poor and elderly in Hong Kong through their feeding the homeless programme.

Please refer to the Sunshine Action website for further information about the programmes they offer:  http://www.sunshine-action.org

Important Dates

N.B. Dates and Activities may change from time to time. Please check the online calendar for the weekly updates on www.bradbury.edu.hk calendar. Thank you.

31 May 2019 (Friday) Year 6 Pastoral Day 8:30 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.
31 May 2019 (Friday) Y1 Induction

(Incoming Students for 2019- 2020)

9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.
04 June 2019 (Tuesday) Y1/Y2 Student Led Conference 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
05 June 2019 (Wednesday) Community Gardening Starting at 9:00 a.m.
06 June 2019 (Thursday) CPD Day – No Classes —–
07 June 2019 (Friday) Dragon Boat (Tuen Ng)  Festival – No Classes —–
11 June 2019 (Tuesday) Year 3 – 4 Disco (School Hall) 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
12 June 2019 (Wednesday) Year 1 – 2 Disco (School Hall) 12:40 p.m. – 1:10 p.m.
14 June 2019 (Friday) Year 5 – 6 Disco (School Hall) 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.*
18 June 2019 (Tuesday) Parent Helpers’ Morning Tea 10:50 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
25 June 2019 (Tuesday) Year 6 Graduation Ceremony 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
28 June 2019 ( Friday) Summer Term Ends ( 12 noon dismissal) 12:00 noon
13 August 2019 (Tuesday) First Day of School (Year 2 to Year 6) 8:30 a.m.
13 August 2019 (Tuesday) First Day of School for Year 1 Group A 9:00 a.m.
14 August 2019 (Wednesday) First Day of School for Year 1 Group B 9:00 a.m.
17 September 2019 (Tuesday) Parent Teachers Annual General Meeting TBC

Library News
By Jane Thompson, Librarian Teacher, & Connie Leung, Library Assistant


I can not believe it is that time of year again when we are planning for the end of term. Please see below for the last days for borrowing books and the deadline for returns.


Last day for borrowing: Wednesday 5th June
Deadline for all books to be returned: Friday 14th June


Last day for borrowing: Friday 14th June
Deadline for all books to be returned: Friday 21st June

As you will appreciate we have 720 students all with loans. Please help your child to locate and return their books by the deadline. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Student Withdrawal
By John Ainsworth, Vice Principal

If you are withdrawing your child from Bradbury School at the end of this academic year, please complete the student withdrawal notice (click to download) and return it to the school’s Admissions Officer via email (admissions@bradbury.edu.hk) before 1st June 2019.

Otherwise, ESF will assume that your child is returning after the summer and parents will be liable to pay the tuition fees for September even if the child does not return to school.

Community Gardening Day
By the Environment Team

On Wednesday, 5th June, Bradbury School is having a Community Gardening Day where we are inviting keen gardeners into Bradbury to grow fresh produce / plants / flowers (season dependent), develop existing garden beds, connect to our surrounding environment and get an opportunity to do satisfying work.  Our community gardening days will allow for all of us to have a good chat, share a few laughs and exchange ideas and will hopefully be an ongoing community event in the Bradbury calendar.

You don’t need to know how to garden to participate in this community adventure. We will provide some tools, soil, water, and gardening tips but if you have any of your own, please feel free to bring these into school with you.

Everyone is welcome to commit for as much time as they can spare during the school day starting at 9am. This will also be a great way to celebrate World Environmental Day!

Please let Ms. Fritzi know if you plan to attend.

Part-time Gardener

We are currently looking for a Part-time Gardener to maintain our spaces.  The role will include:

  • Caring for the lush green wall we have around the school;
  • Watering potted plants along the corridors;
  • Replacing plants on a needs basis;
  • Pruning and maintaining the Lower Playground Garden.

This is a paid position and the necessary applicant would need to be available for 10 hours per week.  If you are interested in this position, please contact Alan Tang at alan.tang@bradbury.edu.hk.

Zero Waste

Fair Trade Products

We have plenty of Fair Trade products sourced by Crossroads from around the world for sale in the foyer.

The Bradbury Writing Collection  ~ Volume 5 ~
By Therese Gallen, Vice Principal & Head of Literacy

As part of our recent Bookweek celebrations students in Year 6 ( 6P ) and Year 1 (1R) collaborated to bring us another editions of the wonderful ‘Bradbury Writing Collection’ magazine. This magazine publishes students’ writing, with every class represented by sending in  a number of pieces for publication.

Our wonderful 6P class gathered the writing samples and spent a week being the ‘editors’.  They tidy up the format and sometimes spelling, but do not make changes to the actual piece. The various written pieces were then passed to 1R students, who spent time as ‘illustrators’, coming up with suitable pictures for the various stories and poems featured in the magazine. Following a final edit,  some ‘hard copy’ samples were printed and passed out to all our classes to enjoy, with a few additional copies for the library.

However, the aim of this publication is to be an easily accessible online magazine, where students can enjoy reading their peers’ writing, or seeing their own work published.  So here is the link so that you can enjoy some weekend reading with your child – perhaps looks for the published writers from his/her class, or just enjoy reading some of the texts, together online. I’m sure that you’ll agree that the collaboration between 6P and 1R was very successful……..well done publishing team !

You will also find the link on our school website-
currently featuring as a special ‘new’ item.

Volume 5 Link

Y1 & Y2 Student Led Conference 2018-19
By Sandra Webster, Principal

As part of our annual assessment and reporting process, we will be organising Student Led Conferences once again this term. The purpose of Student Led Conferences is very different from that of Parent/Teacher Consultations in that it includes your child in the process and challenges them to take ownership of assessment of their work. The students will lead the conference, and will also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with you. The conference will involve your child discussing and reflecting on their work and identifying strengths and areas for improvement.  It enables you to gain a clear insight into the kind of work your child is doing and offers an opportunity for you to discuss their work in the school context.

In order to facilitate this valuable learning opportunity for our students, on the day of their conference they will attend school only at the time of their conference. We will be sending you the time of your child’s conference soon. In the meantime please note the dates of the Student Led Conferences this term:

Tuesday 04th June 2019: Years 1 & 2
We shall look forward to sharing this valuable learning experience with you.

PTA News
By Kelly Xu, P.T.A. Chairperson, and Lin Gong, Bradbury School P.T.A. Limited

PTA Bus Route and Application 2019-2020


Shop Opening Hours for Beginning of the School Year 2019 – 2020

For the convenience of parents, we have made special arrangements for the shop opening hours at the beginning of the new school year. We encourage the parents to purchase the uniforms and stationery early as it will be very crowded in the shop at the beginning of the new term. The PTA shop will be closed during summer holiday.

Open Date: August: 7, 8, 9, 12 from 10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

Our shop will open regularly Monday through Friday from 8:30a.m. to 11:30a.m. 13th August onwards.

For inquiries:
Email pta@bradbury.edu.hk
Tel 2893-2256

Invitation for Student Artists and Parents to “The Journey:  An Exploration of Art”

From May to June, there is an art exhibition in K11, a well-known, high pedestrian traffic and busy art mall in Hong Kong, showcasing numbers of ESF students’ artwork around the city: ‘’The Journey: An exploration of Art’’.

This is the first time we will have organised an exhibition showcasing the effort and many artistic talents of our students across the ESF Schools, from kindergarten through secondary school, PIS and special school. The exhibition is not just a journey through the years of our schools, it represents the way in which our young men and women grow and develop as people. This is a 10-day art exhibition and the art works cover a wide range of media. We are hoping that you’re able to participate in the Opening Ceremony, scheduled on the 24th May, 4pm.

The Journey: An Exploration of Art

Exhibition Date:
24 May – 2 June 2019

Exhibition Hall: chi K11 art space, B2/F, K11, 18 Hanoi Road,Tsim Sha Tsui

12 pm – 10 pm, daily

(Free admission, open to the public)

PE Updates
By Ally Maclay, Head of PE


In a blistering hot day at Happy Valley, Bradbury’s cricket team took on the rest of the Island Schools. They opened their account with a slow but convincing win over Glenealy School. The boys realised they needed to be more focused in their next fame against a talented DBIS. The boys and girls from Discovery Bay were victorious but not without a fight and challenge from Bradbury. In the final group game, the team met the French. Not known for their cricketing prowess, they put up a challenge but our cricketers proved too strong in the end.

Coming second in the group stages helped the team qualify for the Cup competition. The GSIS team in the semi demonstrated great strength and depth, however, our boys led by Jo Meekoms showed they had the ability to take them on and compete. A couple of slender mistakes separated the teams and GSIS made the final against DBIS. Bradbury progressed into the 3rd/4th playoff against Kennedy School. Kennedy proved too strong,
despite a late rally from the Bradbury team, ending the day coming 3rd.

Bradbury’s 4th place was an admirable position against some talented cricketers in HOT conditions. The boys enjoyed the day and learned so much from the occasion.



Another ‘scorcher’ up at Kings Park in Kowloon was the set up for the next and FINAL cricket tournament for Bradbury’s cricket team.  This time the combined Island Schools and Kowloon Schools met to find the Champion of Hong Kong. The boys had a great start against Discovery College. Louis McLaughlin stepping up with some excellent boundaries to keep the scoreboard ticking over. A week later, and GSIS prove too strong for the boys. A great showing from our team across the field, with some fantastic wickets. A couple of drop balls proved costly and GSIS won in the end. Our final group game against, Kowloon Junior School was a thriller. Their bowlers proved too strong, facing Bradbury into the Plate competition.

The Bradbury team were tired from a day in the sun. Still they disposed of ICHK and went on to meet Discovery College (again) in the final of the Plate competition. The boys were upbeat and performed superbly to win again. A great win to cap a 5th place overall in Hong Kong from 16 schools.

Squad: Jo Meekoms (Captain), Louis McLaughlin, Siddesh MA, James Walker, Shayan Puri, Jagan Salvady, Raghav Bhatnagar.



Bradbury School sent two teams to the first Aquathon race of the year. This was a great chance for those taking part to put in their training into practice against all of the Island Primary Schools.

As a group they performed well, with stand out performances from Sophie Hufton (Y5) and Adrian Ting (Y4).

The students are looking forward to the Championship on the 8th June at KGV.



We have come across an excellent resource the ‘ULTIMATE SPORTS DIRECTORY’ for sports teams and activities across Hong Kong in Playtimes magazine.

Check out page 85/slide 86-87 for an A-Z list.

Another great article to read for those wanting to understand more about Exercise and it’s benefits to Wellbeing and Mental Health. We can not advocate it enough.

Head to page 38/Slide 40-41


Year 4 at the Affordable Art Fair
By Tsz Sing Wong, 4V

On Friday 17th May all of Year 4 went to the affordable art fair. We went to learn about different forms of art and find out what inspired the artists to paint and create their art pieces.

As I walked into the huge hall, I immediately saw a giant robotic eagle flying above us. The gallery owner said the eagle actually had a sensor, so if you move your arms, it would act according to your movements.

The art at the fair was set in rows and rows of galleries. There were gallery owners and artists explaining about the different paintings and sculptures in each gallery.  My two favourite pieces of art were a fat naked man and a painting of the Campbell’s Chicken noodle soup.  My favourite sculpture is one that looks like a mysterious shape with wings. Mrs V took a picture of me with some weird pictures with many different colours and shapes.  It also had polka dots.  There were also some other interesting and fun galleries like a illusion gallery and a gallery with special cups filled with sweets.

I really enjoyed this field trip because it was educational and everyone was happy and joyful.  I am going to make some art inspired by the different things I saw at the fair.

An Adventure Never to Forget
By Anika Sekhri, 4B – Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2019

Have you ever had a hard time in life?

Andrew’s life was full of hard times. He was an only child and he only had a mother as his father died three years ago when Andrew was four years old. His mother was not very caring and that’s what made Andrew’s life hard. He had always wanted to get away and have an adventure.

One misty, chilly evening Andrew and his mom were walking home from the market when Andrew noticed a large, wooden ship that he had never seen before on the dock. He wanted to explore it and pleaded with his mother to let him go closer but she refused. She clutched onto Andrew’s arm.

“Mother let me go!” He exclaimed.

“Walk, you foolish child!” His mother shrieked.

“No, let me go!” He grabbed her hand and yanked it off his arm, and then ran as fast as he could towards the mysterious ship. He reached it and clambered on board just as the plank rose off the glittering sand.

He could hear his mother’s voice calling after him and pleading for him to come back. But it was too late; the ship was gliding away from the dock.

“Everyone here?” Andrew heard a man holler at the other end of the deck. He could see five men standing in front of a tall skinny guy with long brown hair and wearing a navy blue vest and white pants. This must be the captain and his crew, thought Andrew.

“ I’d better not be found by them.”  So he ducked down some stairs going to the hull of the ship. Down he went. Luckily the men did not see him. He was a castaway on the ship!

“Hopefully no one will come down here!”, Andrew thought, his heart was pounding very fast. He felt nervous yet excited about the adventure that awaited him.

“Where are we off to this time?” said one of the crew above on the deck.

“We’re off to India,” another voice shouted back.

Andrew could hear more voices.

“Time for a chore run through! William, you’re on cleaning detail with Alexandre. Harold, you’re on cooking with George. Big Harry you’re with me on lookout!” That must be the captain.

Andrew could hear everything that was going on. He was very thrilled that he had gotten away with being on the ship without anyone noticing him. But his luck didn’t last. Suddenly he felt something fall on his head and down his shoulder. Without thinking, he screamed. What could it be?

“Ahh! A rat! Yuck, help me please!” Andrew pleaded. The sailors heard him yelling for help.

“Who’s that!?” called one of the crew.

“Yeah, who is that?” another one said.

“It came from the hull, let’s check there.” So they all went down to the hull and can you guess what they saw? Poor Andrew!

“Who is he?” They all asked each other in confusion.

“Please don’t hurt me, I didn’t take anything! Please spare me, I beg of you, please!”

“Look kid, we ain’t gonna hurt you, ok? What are you doing here though?” The men asked suspiciously.

“Well….umm….I came here to…umm. Can you help me get rid of this rat first?” There was a brown, ragged, furry rat nibbling at the edge of Andrew’s shoe. Boom! One of the sailors stomped his foot in front of the rat and it scurried away.

“Now tell us why you’re here or we will do the same to you,” they warned.

“Well, you see my life isn’t very nice and I wanted to explore something new,” the boy said.


“Well, since you’re here, you can’t sit around and do nothing…you’re part of our crew, you come with me on the lookout,” the captain said, “Follow me. I’m sure you will get the adventure that you want when you’re on the lookout.”

Up on the lookout Andrew could smell the salty air and see the frothy waves as they rolled and smashed against the ship. The air was so fresh! He could see nothing but the ocean for miles, the sun glittered like gold against the deep blue sea.

“I have a question,” Andrew said to the captain. “Why are you going to India?”

“Well you see, we bring food and gold and all sorts of goods with us on the ship and we hope to trade it for things we don’t have like spices. In India they grow lovely spices which have a very rich flavour. Like cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon.”

Andrew shared a bedroom with Big Harry, who was big, fat but very gentle. Alexandre was also in their room; he was noisy and snored a lot and told funny jokes and stories. Life aboard the ship was hard work. Andrew had to do chores like sweeping the deck, helping with fishing and most importantly being on the lookout with the captain and Big Harry for intruder ships and far away land which could be India. Andrew was on the ship for months by now and they had to live off raw fish that they caught. He was tired and feeling a little seasick, but he didn’t let that stop him from feeling excited and hopeful about reaching a land he had never explored before!

“Mm…huh?” Andrew was fast asleep but awakened with shouting and laughing. Everyone except him was cheering and dancing with joy.  “Let’s go!” cried Alexandre. They were all so happy.

“What is it?” Mumbled Andrew, it was very early in the morning and he could see the shimmering lilac sky. “We’re in India!” Big Harry shouted.

Andrew got out of bed and sprinted towards the deck. “Is this really India? Are you sure?” He panted. “Of course we’re sure!” All of the crew jumped and ran down to the dock. They were all excited to see land again after so many months. They thought it was an adventure coming to India, but it seemed like the real adventure was just starting.

Zheng He
By Jennie Huang, 3DB – Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2019

Zheng He is a very smart person from a long time ago. He always went on a boat with helpers to places, but on the seventh time he died.

Every person with him on his boat was helping him. No one could beat him and his helpers. There were 27,400 helpers with Zheng.  He went around thirty countries and saw many kings and gave them treasures.

Zheng died on the seventh time because he was old and sick.

Everybody likes Zheng He and knows this story.

Medical Room:  Adenovirus
By Lauren Lau, School Health Professional

A couple of students (different classes) have contracted common colds and bronchitis due to Adenoviruses.

Adenoviruses are a group of viruses that causes common colds, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and pneumonia. It could also cause infections within the
respiratory tract and intestinal tract.

Prevention of Adenovirus

  • Wash hands before eating and drinking.
  • Disinfect all shared surfaces.
  • If your child is unwell please keep them at home until all symptoms disappear.
  • If they are sick please take them to the GP clinic to have them assess their situation.
  • Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or

Please do not send your child to school if they feel unwell. To prevent further spread of the virus in the classroom.

Third-Party Organised After School Activities

Dear Parents,

The following companies are currently hiring our facilities to provide extra curricular activities for students. You may browse the school website under “LIFE AT BRADBURY” for their programs and enroll your child directly to the company:

ESF Sports, contact 2711 1280 or sports@esf.org.hk website: www.esf.org.hk

Soccer & Basketball Training – Adventure Sports Academy Ltd, contact Eilis Cheung at 3998 4042 or info@adventuresportsacademy.com website: www.adventuresportsacademy.com

Fabric Art, Fabric Design, Crafting & Creative Sewing – Alifya Kasubhai, contact at 9281 5290 or contact@fabricart-hk.com website: www.fabricart-hk.com

Sanskriti/Hindi Language Class – Brilliant Learning International Ltd., contact Geetanjali Dhar at 3563 4300 or info@sanskritiglobal.org website: www.sanskritiglobal.org

Singing, Acting, Dancing – Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance – CentreStage Studios HK Ltd., contact Imogen Taylor or Kaijah Bell at 5236 7960 or 2689 2272 or admin@centrestagestudioshk.com website:  www.centrestagestudioshk.com

Chess Class & Camp – HoYinPingChess, contact Yin Ping Ho at 9215 2682 or hoyinpingchess@gmail.com website: www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/lesson.html / www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/camp.html

Swedish Language and Culture – Swedish Cultural Society, contact Linda at 9316-6599 or
svenskaskolanhongkong@hotmail.com Website: www.svenskaskolan.hk

N.B. Bradbury School is not responsible for the quality and safety of programmes offered by third parties. However, please note that all hirers are required to provide third party liability insurance. Parents are urged to take steps to ensure that they are satisfied with any and all aspects of the after school programme(s) they elect to opt in to.