1 Mar 2019


Dear Bradbury School Community

As a school, we believe that a strong partnership with our parent community is vital to your child’s education.  To this end, your views, opinions, comments and questions are important to understand and to gather.  In this week’s newsletter there is an important survey which will give us information on your thoughts around the ESF Relationship Sexuality Education curriculum.  Please take some time to let us know your thoughts on this  area – it is important to us.




Sandra Webster


A reminder that school uniform shoes are black, and sports shoes should only be worn on timetabled specialist PE days.  We encourage our students to take pride in wearing the correct uniform and additional, non-uniform items should be left at home.

Important Dates

N.B. Dates and Activities may change from time to time. Please check the online calendar for the weekly updates on www.bradbury.edu.hk calendar. Thank you.

01 March 2019 (Friday) 2T/2A Class Assembly 8:45 a.m.
03 March 2019 (Sunday) ESF Chinese Talent Show Registration Deadline
05 March 2019 (Tuesday) Parent Consultations 1 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
06 March 2019 (Wednesday) Class 5T to Makerbay
07 March 2019 (Thursday) Class 5F to Makerbay
13 March 2019 (Wednesday) Parent Consultations 2 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
15 March 2019 (Friday) CPD Day (No Classes) —-
21 March 2019 (Thursday) Year 2 Cake Sale 10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
22 March 2019 (Friday) Year 5C/5B  Macau Trip (Group 1 )
22 March 2019 (Friday) 2F/2K Class Assembly
25 March 2019 (Monday) MMR Vaccinations for Year 1
28 March 2019 (Thursday) Feeding People in Need TBC
29 March 2019 (Friday) Year 5T/5F Macau Trip (Group 2)
04 April 2019 (Thursday) ESF Primary Choral Concert 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
09 April 2019 (Tuesday) Year 6 P.Y.P EXHIBITION
12 April 2019 (Friday) Spring Term Ends (12:00 noon dismissal) 12:00 noon
15 April 2019 (Monday) –

26 April 2019 (Friday) – inclusive

Easter Break Holidays – No classes —–
29 April 2019 (Monday) Year Book Cover Competition Deadline 3:00 p.m.
29 April 2019 (Monday) School Resumes 8:30 a.m.
01 May 2019 (Wednesday) Labour Day – No Classes —–
03 May 2019 (Friday) ACTION DAY 8:30 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.
06 May 2019 (Monday) –

10 May 2019 (Friday)

10 May 2019 (Friday) Class 6G/6B Assembly (pls note date change) 8:45 a.m.
13 May 2019 (Monday) Buddha’s Birthday – No Classes —–
15 May 2019 (Wednesday) MMR & Hepatitis B Vaccination for Year 6
16 May 2019 (Thursday) Year 3 Market Day (pls note date change) 9:00 a.m.
16 May 2019 (Thursday) Sausage Sizzle 12:00 noon
18 May 2019 (Saturday) &

25 May 2019 (Saturday)

23 May 2019 (Thursday) Y5/Y6 Student Led Conference 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
29 May 2019 (Wednesday) Y3/Y4 Student Led Conference 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
30 May 2019 (Thursday) Year 1 Cake Sale 10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
31 May 2019 (Friday) Year 6 Pastoral Day 8:30 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.
31 May 2019 (Friday) Y1 Induction

(Incoming Students for 2019- 2020)

04 June 2019 (Tuesday) Y1/Y2 Student Led Conference 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
06 June 2019 (Thursday) CPD Day – No Classes —–
07 June 2019 (Friday) Dragon Boat (Tuen Ng)  Festival – No Classes —–
28 June 2019 ( Friday) Summer Term Ends ( 12 noon dismissal) 12:00 noon

Relationship Sexuality Education Survey
By Sandra Webster, Principal

Dear Parents,

Over the last few years it has become evident across international school communities that there is a growing need to teach our children about relationships, sexuality and how to keep themselves safe through knowledge and understanding. This is because, as we know, our children are increasingly exposed to these areas through social media, advertising and movies and TV. Some of the information they pick up through these sources is incorrect or misleading.

We know that as parents you would be talking to your child about these things, reflecting your family views and values. As partners in your child’s education, school also has a role in supporting you in these conversations.

As a result, we will be gradually introducing a new ESF wide Relationship Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum which will incrementally introduce age appropriate facts to the children around these areas.

Recognising that this can be a sensitive area, we would like to collect your views around what you are comfortable with to introduce to your child at different age levels. This is important to us because we need to understand the views of our community.

Later in the year we will have a meeting with a parent focus group to give us further thoughts. This survey will form part of the data we will analyse. We will asking for parent participation (and expertise) in this group through the newsletter. The results of this survey will be shared in our newsletter.

These are the reasons for introducing RSE into Bradbury.

  • sexuality is an essential part of being human
  • people have the right to be informed
  • informal sexuality education is inadequate for modern society
  • young people are exposed to many new sources of education
  • need for sexual health promotion

Source World Health Organisation Standards for Sexuality Education

To help us understand your views can you please complete the survey in the link below by Friday 8th March 2019 and add any questions and comments as you wish. Please try to rate all outcomes even if your child is not in that phase.

Click to enter—> Relationship Sexuality Education (RSE) Survey<—

Preparing for Action Day 2019
By Carol Farrington – Action Coordinator and Amanda Bremner – PYP Leader

Our goal for Action Day, is for each student to donate 5 packs of the 4 items (honey, cooking oil, a nutritious drink and canned food with a ring pull) for distributing to the poor within Hong Kong.

Four students describe the arrangements their families have made about sharing the cost of buying the food items:

For Action Day my parents and I set an arrangement. I told my parents that not everyone has food so I’ll buy one honey and they’ll buy two. We did the same for cooking oil, water and tin canned food.
Erin Dsouza

For Action Day my mom and I made an arrangement. It was that l will buy half of the Action Day food with my own pocket money and my mom will buy the other half.
Ishina Khatri

My way was a interesting way, hopefully. It was to give my pocket money, that I saved for months, to my mother. She would match the same amount for purchasing the products. So we ended up with double the amount that I had saved.
Joseph Morrison

Children can save enough pocket money for an Action Day food pack.Then they can go to the supermarket with their parents and buy one pack and their parents can buy a pack or 2.
Cordelia Lee


Honey Collected:  517 Target: 4,000
Nutritious Drinks Collected:  616 Target:  4,000
Cooking Oil Collected:  562 Target:  4,000
Canned Food Collected:  833 Target:  4,000

Each class has a target number that they are working towards collecting so the students can take the food items to their classroom and increase their class total!

We will keep you informed of the progress towards our goal as we move closer to our special day of action.

So… let’s carry on collecting!!!

ESF Chinese Talent Show 2019
By Jenny Chen, Head of Chinese Department


We are happy to announce that the Chinese Talent Show is coming back in May and would like to invite all ESF primary and secondary students to join the event.

  • Event Date: 18 & 25 May 2019 (Sat)
  • Registration Deadline: 10 March 2019 (Sun)
  • Participants: Primary & secondary students of age 5-16
  • Venue for Primary Groups: ESF Kennedy School, ESF Quarry Bay School, ESF Renaissance College, Australian International School Hong Kong
  • Venue for Secondary Groups: ESF Renaissance College

The Chinese Talent Show includes individual and group events. There are 2 competitions groups under individual events: “Native Chinese Speakers” and “Non-native Chinese Speakers”. Each group is further divided into different age groups and each participant can choose up to 4 competition items of individual events. Group event is limited to one group per school with 4 to 6 students in a group and participants are grouped according to their age only.

For details of the competition, please visit the website:  www.esf.edu.hk/chinese-talent-show-2019 .

For online registration and fee payment, please click on the link:

If you have any enquiries regarding the Show, you are welcome to contact

SIS Bilingual Drama:  Butterfly Lovers 《梁祝》
By Jenny Chen, Head of Chinese Department

Hope you are well! I thought I would let you know about an exciting opportunity taking place here in March: a chance to attend the inaugural productions of Butterfly Lovers (梁祝). The play, put on by our students, is in Mandarin, English and a little bit of Cantonese, with English subtitles and lots of music throughout. You, and in particular your Chinese learners, are warmly invited to attend one of the below shows:


Monday 11th March @ 12.30pm (Full dress rehearsal: free for primary school groups)

Monday 11th March – 13th March @ 7pm (See poster for pricing)


2/F, The Hall, South Island School, Hong Kong


One of China’s four great folktales, Butterfly Lovers is often known as the Chinese Romeo and Juliet. It is written in Mandarin and English, with plenty of entertaining music throughout.


Put on by students with the help of a professional company, the production offers pupils a great chance to see Chinese in action. It will be an inspiration to all budding linguists, actors and actresses alike!

If you would like to attend, please fill in the Google Form: SIS Bilingual Drama Sign Up Form.

For any questions, please get in touch via sisbutterflylovers@gmail.com.

Year 6 Exhibition 2019
By Katie Phillips, Year 6 Leader

Year 6 have launched in to Exhibition 2019 working around the central idea ‘Scientific and technological advances can affect people, animals and the environment.    

The students have been working closely with teachers unpacking social skills, key characteristics and how to work successfully as part of a group.  This week we have focused upon how to research, looking at the MISO model (Media, Interview, Survey and Observation) and connecting these with each individual group’s focus.  We are also developing key questions around the PYP concepts and formulating lines of inquiry which will support the central idea.

Next week students will begin independently researching into their chosen issue in order to create innovative solutions later in the exhibition process.

The Year 6 team have been delighted with the levels of motivation, enthusiasm and creativity shown by the students at this time and are looking forward to sharing this unique learning experience with the Bradbury community on Tuesday 9th April.

Toys brought into School
By Amanda Bremner, PYP Coordinator

Staff have noticed that many children are bringing toys into school at the moment. Please note, if students bring toys into school, it is their own responsibility to look after them. It is not feasible for teachers to follow up issues in which toys are swapped, broken or stolen. Teachers will stress to the children that anything they bring in may be lost or broken so precious toys should be left at home.

If a toy is brought into school, it must be for the child’s use only. We realise that some students have long bus rides etc and toys are a great way to pass time. Please ensure the choice of toy is suitable for the situation.

PE Updates
By Ally Maclay, Head of PE

HKPSSA Island Schools Cross Country Race

On Friday, 22nd February, a team of 60 Bradbury School runners took to the Island School’s cross country race at Chinese International School competing against many of the International primary schools based on Hong Kong Island. We had excellent performance from everyone achieving their own personal bests when on the course.

The Under 8s teams were led by Maggie Dowding and Jake Raper.  The rest of the teams did really well and narrowly missed out on a team podium. But Maggie Dowding’s 2nd place is an outstanding achievement in such a strong pack of runners. On a side note, Chester Ting (Year 2), the youngest of our running team, slipped and fell near the start of his race in a pile up at the first bend. This put him at the back of the race  and he made a miraculous recovery and showed great resilience clawing himself back into 10th place from 64th.

In the Under 9s, Sophie Hufton and Adrian Ting set the pace with some great performances and came in at 7th place and 3rd place, respectively. Adrian’s was up against some very fast runners. With the performances of Adrian and Chester, everyone’s wondering what they are having for breakfast! And again our U9s teams were only a few points off coming in the top 3 so all round fantastic performances.

Next up were the U10s led by Jackson Volking (9th) and Siena Poulton (7th) all performed well in a strong field. The increase in distance took its toll on a few of the team but they still performed strongly. Missing a few of their key runners due to illness, they look forward to them competing in the Race at Discovery College later in March.

And lastly, the under 11s led by Jasmine Miers (16th) and Tyson Uyede (1st) showed the way in their teams . Tyson, who smashed the rest of his field and won his age group by 5 seconds. This is a tremendous achievement and set his team up to follow suit in coming 3rd place overall.

Regardless of all the podium places, the fact we had a team of over 50 runners take part was a huge achievement, this has never happened in recent years at Bradbury. The fact I had to hold trials shows we have many capable runners and athletes throughout all of the age groups. Those chosen will represent Bradbury at The Race held at Discovery College, at the end of March.

I’d like to thank Ms Bremner who manages running club. The hard work is proving fruitful with the team’s performances. Also a thank you to Mr Ainsworth and Mr Rolston who helped with the marshalling and finally, to Ms Nicholls who helped manage and organise the whole team and their logistics in my absence. I’m sure all the students are very grateful for their efforts.


Please check out Nike’s latest ad to show how girl’s should continue to be ‘crazy’ and prove those wrong whilst playing sport.




Gateway Parent Consultation Booking
By John Ainsworth, Vice Principal

Parent Consultations for Term 2 will be organised on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 05th March 2019 (3pm-6.30pm)
  • Wednesday 13th March 2019 (3pm-6.30pm)

The Gateway Parent Consultation Booking system will be open for Parents to book appointments from 18th February to 04th March 2019.  If you wish to secure an appointment please log onto Gateway and book a time that is convenient for you.

Lost & Found

We have accumulated a lot of unnamed lost property. If your child has lost any items of clothing – jumpers, shirts, socks, shoes, and drink bottles and lunch boxes,  please collect them from the BLUE LOST AND FOUND BINS located around the school.

It is important that you educate your child to be responsible for their own property. If your child loses an item, they need to retrieve it themselves by looking in the lost property bins.

The 9 blue lost and found bins are located in the following areas:

  • Lower ground
  • First floor on each ends of the corridor
  • Second floor on each ends of the corridor
  • Third floor on each ends of the corridor
  • Fourth floor on each ends of the corridor

Parents and students need to look through all the bins  when searching for lost items as your child’s missing item could be in any of the bins, not just the one closest to their classroom.

Please ensure you label each item of clothing, water bottles and lunch boxes as this allows property to be returned to your child if they lose it.

All unclaimed items will either be disposed of or donated by the Friday 8 March 2019


All these items are just from ONE bin!!!

Library News
By Jane Thompson, Librarian Teacher, and Connie Leung, Librarian Assistant


Thank you to all the parents who have shared photographs of their children reading in some amazing and highly unusual places, our gallery in the library is looking amazing!

It is not too late to submit an entry as the closing date for the competition is on Friday 15th  March. The three winners will have their photos published in the Bradbury School Yearbook. All entries will be displayed in a photo gallery in the library. Please note that you can only submit one photo per student. We recommend that you do not alter the image in any away e.g. cropping or resizing. If you are sending the photo from an iphone then select ‘original’ on the size options drop down menu. We will endeavour to acknowledge your entry via return email. Please check  if you don’t receive this email.

Email entries to me at jane.thompson@bradbury.edu.hk.

A sample of last year’s entries


We have now set up our library computer system to generate overdue email notices. The emails will go out every two weeks to alert parents if their child has an overdue book. You are able to reply to the email if you have any queries or questions regarding the book. Please be reminded that there is a fee of $100 for every lost or damaged book.


Big Universe is active again after a short suspension. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please let either Ms Leung or myself know if you have any problems logging your child back onto the website.

Immunisations: Year 1 and Year 6 Students
By Lauren Lau, Health Professional

MMR and Varicella

The School Immunization Team of the Health Department, will visit our school on the 25th of March 2019 (Monday) to offer the measles, mumps and rubella, and Varicella vaccination for Year 1 students.

Please fill in either the consent/refusal form, and return it to the medical room before  March 18 Monday (Year 1).

MMR and Hepatitis B Vaccination will also be offered for Years 6 on 15th of May (Wednesday).  The vaccination which the nurses provide is funded by the Hong Kong Government, and does not require a fee.

Please fill in either the consent/refusal form, and return it to the medical room before May 10th Monday (Year 6) .

Please complete the form, and attach your child’s medical records (copy/original). The medical records will be returned to you immediately after the immunization. If you do not receive all your child’s vaccination records, please contact me immediately.

The forms have been distributed to the Year 1 and Year 6 classes.  If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fred Hollows Humanity Award 2019
By Amanda Bremner, PYP Coordinator

The Fred Hollows Foundation is proud to announce that The Humanity Award 2018-2019 is now open for applications from Upper Primary students (P4 to P6).  The Award celebrates students who make a positive difference in their community.

Parents interested in submitting evidence if their child is involved in charitable works or actions helping others, please submit them via email to Amanda.Bremner@Bradbury.edu.hk by 15 March 2019.

More details can be found at https://www.hollows.org/hk/fred-hollows-humanity-award .

Photos from Year 2 (2A/2T) Assembly

Parking outside Bradbury School
By Sandra Webster, Principal

As we are all aware, our school is situated in an area with very little easy parking spaces and reasonably heavy traffic at the start and end of the school day. This makes dropping off and picking up children by car a tricky task. Whilst we are aware of this, we would like to request the following:

In order to keep our students safe, could all parents who pick up their children from school by car please be reminded to not double park outside school whilst waiting for your children.  This causes very dangerous situations with the heavy traffic at the end of the school day.  Our buses can occasionally find it very difficult, if not impossible, to leave the school gates due to cars being parked opposite the school gates.  Please ensure that this area is kept clear.

Please consider using the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road as the traffic coming down the hill can be moving very fast, on a corner.

And finally, please do not leave your car unattended as we may need to move vehicles quickly in case of any emergency.

Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe.

Repeat Offenders:

  • White Toyota Vellfire license number EN943
  • Black Toyota Noah license number BB7868
  • Brown Mini Cooper license number GU683
  • Dark Purple Toyota Previa license number JG6818

P.T.A. News
By Kelly Xu, P.T.A. Chairperson, and Lin Gong, Bradbury School P.T.A. Limited

The PTA, with support from the School, will produce a Bradbury School 2018-2019 Year Book. The Year Book is a beautiful memento of the school year and records the variety of activities your child has and will continue to experience at Bradbury school.

The book will be predominantly a colour publication in A4 size.  It will feature photographs and pictures with a contribution from every class in the School. The book is due for release in June 2019.

Each of our Bradbury families will receive their first copy of the Year Book as part of their PTA Membership Fee. If you would like to have any extra copy, please complete the form (download or print below) and return it to your class teacher by Friday, 10th May 2019 so that the print run can be arranged. The cost of each extra copy of our Year Book is HK$150.


NAME OF CHILD:      ____________________________    CLASS: ___________________

I would like to order _______ extra copy/copies of the Bradbury School 2018-2019 Year Book at HK$150 for each copy.

I enclose a cheque made payable to “Bradbury School PTA Limited” for HK$ ________________.

Name of Parent:________________________________ Signed: _____________________________________


Bradbury School Draft School Calendar 2019/20
By Sandra Webster, Principal

Third-Party Organised After School Activities

Dear Parents,

The following companies are currently hiring our facilities to provide extra curricular activities for students. You may browse the school website under “LIFE AT BRADBURY” for their programs and enroll your child directly to the company:

ESF Sports, contact 2711 1280 or sports@esf.org.hk website: www.esf.org.hk

Soccer & Basketball Training – Adventure Sports Academy Ltd, contact Eilis Cheung at 3998 4042 or info@adventuresportsacademy.com website: www.adventuresportsacademy.com

Fabric Art, Fabric Design, Crafting & Creative Sewing – Alifya Kasubhai, contact at 9281 5290 or contact@fabricart-hk.com website: www.fabricart-hk.com

Sanskriti/Hindi Language Class – Brilliant Learning International Ltd., contact Geetanjali Dhar at 3563 4300 or info@sanskritiglobal.org website: www.sanskritiglobal.org

Singing, Acting, Dancing – Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance – CentreStage Studios HK Ltd., contact Imogen Taylor or Kaijah Bell at 5236 7960 or 2689 2272 or admin@centrestagestudioshk.com website:  www.centrestagestudioshk.com

Chess Class & Camp – HoYinPingChess, contact Yin Ping Ho at 9215 2682 or hoyinpingchess@gmail.com website: www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/lesson.html / www.hoyinpingchess.com/index/camp.html

Swedish Language and Culture – Swedish Cultural Society, contact Linda at 9316-6599 or
svenskaskolanhongkong@hotmail.com Website: www.svenskaskolan.hk

N.B. Bradbury School is not responsible for the quality and safety of programmes offered by third parties. However, please note that all hirers are required to provide third party liability insurance. Parents are urged to take steps to ensure that they are satisfied with any and all aspects of the after school programme(s) they elect to opt in to.